Building Bridges to Provide Access For All

April 6, 2019

Screenshot 2019-04-06 at 12.02.47.pngThe Friday morning volunteers, nicknamed the Last of the Summer Wine team, undertake a range of conservation and maintenance tasks at the Pond each week.

In this short film, they’re replacing a bridge that crosses a ditch near Brookly Wood. There are a number of small bridges around the Pond that make it easier for the public to explore Fleet Pond Nature Reserve. The team regularly replace or repair these bridges and whenever possible, make the various routes around the Pond more accessible for wheelchair users and those on mobility scooters or pushing young children in buggies.


Tadpoles Spring into Life in the Marshes of Fleet Pond

March 24, 2019

Tadpoles, amphibians, young, pond, movement, frogs, swimming.

One-third of our ponds have disappeared in recent years. That’s why it’s so vital for us to preserve wetlands that provide valuable habitats for amphibians and reptiles.

This short film shows how the aquatic plants in the marshlands at Fleet Pond offer the shelter and food that tadpoles need to survive.

Take a look at some of our other informative films at Fleet Pond Society’s YouTube channel:

Fleet Pond Society Photographic Competition Winner 2018

March 17, 2019


Congratulations to Susanne Leyh, whose photograph won the 2018 Fleet Pond Society Photographic Competition.

The theme was ‘It’s the little things…’ Susanne’s innovative photo won the main competition and the ‘People’s Choice’ vote.

Volunteers prepare for a dazzling display of bluebells this spring

March 17, 2019


Bluebell shoots are starting to appear on the banks of the Sandhills area of the Pond. By clearing the dead bracken that covers them, we can encourage their growth. As a result, we should have a dazzling display of bluebells this spring.

Our usual volunteers were joined by an enthusiastic and hard working team from Fleet Mortgages – you can see us in action in this short video, which can be found on Fleet Pond Society’s YouTube channel:


Southampton University Conservation Volunteers help with island management

March 9, 2019

2014-06-21_Car Park 5

This short video of Southampton University Conservation Volunteers shows what this hardworking team did when they spent a weekend at Fleet Pond.

We’re grateful to them for their time. By clearing the islands of invasive scrub, we can help more valuable plants grow.

Improving the islands at Fleet Pond

February 23, 2019

Improving our islands – this short video shows how we’ve recently started to get to grips with a longstanding issue at Fleet Pond.

Many of the 21 islands created by the lake restoration project, which commenced in 2012, have developed vegetation.

However, some of the islands have remained barren in terms of aquatic plants, due to grazing by geese and the soft, mobile silt bed.

Working in collaboration with Hart Countryside Service, our plan is to use bogbean (Menyanthes trifoliate) to form a buffer zone within the islands and create conditions conducive to colonisation by other aquatic plants once prolific at Fleet Pond.

Bogbean in flower

Bogbean in flower

Bogbean is a robust native plant that forms floating mats. It was originally introduced to Fleet Pond to protect the margins of reedbeds from overgrazing by Canada geese. It’s done a great job, and the once declining reedbeds are now in a much better condition.

We’re transferring bogbean from areas such as Hemelite Bay, where it’s abundant, to islands on the north east corner of the lake. The trials will be monitored, and progress reported.

Bogbean provides habitats for a range of aquatic invertebrates, including dragonflies whose larvae use the stems to climb out of the water.



We’ve set up a Fleet Pond Society channel on YouTube that features a range of short videos showing the work we do at the Pond.

To subscribe to the channel just search for Fleet Pond Society on YouTube. We can only get a customised URL if we have 100 subscribers. Thank you!




Fleet Pond Society AGM this Saturday

February 13, 2019


Chestnut nowOur AGM will take place on Saturday 16th February from 19.15, at the St. P & J Church Hall, Kings Road Fleet.

All members are encouraged to attend. This is your opportunity to put questions to the Executive Committee and share your views on the future of Fleet Pond Local Nature Reserve.

Nominations are requested for the election of Officers and Members to the Executive Committee. Please email your nominations to:

Following the official business of the AGM, there will be a short break for refreshments before we announce the winners of the Photographic Competition 2018. We hope everyone who has entered will come along to see their photographs on display.