Hart Hits The High Spot Once Again

December 21, 2014

_79860873_c9ca5f08-6b2a-44cd-bc97-8b43b9d57661Hart boasts the county’s largest freshwater lake – Fleet Pond

From the BBC News (England) site, yesterday:

The most desirable place to live in the UK has been named as Hart in Hampshire.

The district’s residents were found to be the healthiest and live the longest, with a high employment rate.

Surrey’s Elmbridge and Winchester in Hampshire came second and third on the annual Halifax quality of life survey’s top 50 list.

It was dominated by areas in south east England, and Hambleton, Yorkshire, was the only place in northern England to make the list at number 50.

The survey looked at factors including life expectancy, crime rates, education and weather.

It is the fourth year in a row that Hart has topped the list.

Hart, which is centred on the town of Fleet, boasts vast open spaces of heathland and woodland, as well as the county’s largest freshwater lake.

More than 97% of residents report being in good health, and the average weekly wage is £839 – one third more than the UK average of £629.

Employment rate is also high, with four out of five 16 to 64 year olds in work.

Life expectancy in Hart is the joint highest in the UK along with South Cambridgeshire, with the male population typically living to the age of 83.

However, Hart residents pay a premium to live there as the average house price is nearly seven-and-a-half times the typical local annual income.

The report, which is the ninth Halifax has produced, uses statistics from various sources including the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the Met Office.

Great that they had a picture of Fleet Pond (above) at the top of the article 🙂

For relaxation and well-being, why not take a walk around the Pond over the festive period?


Season’s Greetings To All Our Readers

December 18, 2014


David Pottinger writes:

Many thanks for the interest you’ve shown in Fleet Pond Blog this year. We’ve been fortunate in having had over 130,000 visits since it started in July 2008!

We’ve lots of ideas for posts for 2015 that we hope you’ll find interesting, so please stay tuned. Also, if you have any requests for topics, we’d be very happy to hear from you…

Until then, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Theft At The Pond – The Lions’ View Plaque

May 9, 2014


Sadly, our attractive new wooden plaque for the Lions’ View (seen above) has just been stolen 😦 It was only put up three weeks ago. The matter has been reported to the police.

If you have any information that might be helpful to getting it back, please contact either Colin Gray or Terry Austin. All help would be appreciated.

Colin Gray: 01252 616183 or email colin.gray@talktalk.net
Terry Austin: 01252 624925 or email tsandja2010@live.co.uk

2014-04-04_02 sm

Putting in the plaque as part of the new and very popular viewpoint

Happy Fleet, Once Again

December 30, 2013

From The Guardian (my emphasis in bold):

“The Hampshire town of Fleet and its surrounding area has been named the healthiest, happiest and wealthiest place to live in Britain for the third consecutive year…

The annual Halifax “quality of life” survey takes a long list of factors into account, ranging from health statistics, sunshine and rainfall, employment and school results to burglary rates, broadband access and levels of personal well-being as measured by the Office for National Statistics…

The town’s enviable transport links – Fleet is less than 40 minutes from London by fast train, and the M3 brushes its northern edge – have kept it popular with commuters. And there’s a notable beauty spot in the form of the Fleet Pond nature reserve, said to be the largest freshwater lake in Hampshire.”

Season’s Greetings To All Our Readers

December 21, 2013


What Is The Local Area’s Top Attraction?

November 22, 2013

There is a good overview of Fleet Pond Nature Reserve on the well-presented and useful Welcome to Fleet (and North East Hampshire) site.

The video clip above is from the YouTube channel linked to the site.

Fleet’s Future – A Public Consultation

August 20, 2013

The video above, which gives an overview of Fleet and also mentions Fleet Pond, has recently been put up on YouTube – it’s worth a watch!

It’s a promotion by FleetFuture who are developing a Town Plan to guide the future of Fleet Town Centre.

This is an important topic and they would appreciate it if you could help by:

1) Reading the Consultation Document (please click here to download a “pdf” version), and

2) Completing the Survey.

All responses are anonymous.

The survey is open to all people aged 11 and above, who either live in the area or work within Fleet.

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday 16 September.


“The town centre should be bustling and attractive, full of people and entertainment, as well as retaining nearby tranquil open spaces like Fleet Pond and the Basingstoke Canal.”