FPS Swans Glide Round The Course

March 24, 2017

James Wicks, Lauren Saxby, Dan Franklin and Immie Sutherland at the 2017 Fleet Half Marathon

We’re glad to announce that the four runners (see above) that took on the challenge of raising funds for Fleet Pond Society by participating in the 2017 Fleet Half Marathon successfully completed the course! Congratulations to them all as well as the many supporters that turned up on the day to cheer them on.

Two FPS swans, Immie and Lauren, gliding round the course (photo from Hampshire News)

You can read more about them and their motivation and preparation for the race here. There’s still time to contribute and all support is greatly appreciated.

The charity sites are:





Please Support Our Runners At The Half Marathon

March 11, 2017

Five runners, Shane England, Dan Franklin, Lauren Saxby, Immie Sutherland and James Wicks have signed up to raise funds for Fleet Pond Society by completing the Fleet Half Marathon on our behalf.

They would be delighted, and so would we, if you’d like to support them through VirginMoneyGiving or else by giving them, and all the others, a motivating cheer on the day.

You can read more about them and their motivation and preparation for the race here.

The relevant sites are:





The race takes place on Sunday 19th March 2017 (start 10:30 am).


Running For The Pond – The Fleet Half Marathon

March 3, 2017

Video of Fleet Half Marathon 2016

Cathy Holden writes:

“Five runners, Shane England, Dan Franklin, Lauren Saxby, Immie Sutherland and James Wicks have signed up to raise funds for Fleet Pond Society (FPS) by completing the Fleet Half Marathon on our behalf. We are really grateful that they have!

This event takes place on Sunday 19th March 2017 (start 10:30 am), and attracts 3,500 runners. It is one of the longest-running half marathons in the UK, now in its 36th year. We were delighted that FPS was named local charity by the organisers for this year. You can read more about the half marathon here.

We hope that FPS members and others will support the great efforts of these fantastic five by sponsoring them and raising funds for FPS. If you go and watch, you will easily spot both Immie and James as they will be dressed as swans – just to add to the challenge!

These are our runners, in their own words:-


Dan Franklin (above) writes: “In terms of training, I normally run about 4 miles daily throughout the year as part of a regular training regime. I’m stepping this up to occasional longer runs of around 7-9 miles throughout January and February, but scaling it back again to shorter runs in the weeks leading up to the half marathon. This will be the ninth consecutive time I’ve run the Fleet half, so hopefully I might achieve a personal best. I’m delighted to be running on behalf of Fleet Pond Society and hope to raise a decent sum.”

See: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/danielfranklin

Lauren Saxby writes: “I’m running the Fleet Half Marathon because I’ve lived in the town all my life, and the race has passed close to my house every year. It seems a part of Fleet life, like the Carnival. I’ve always enjoyed running, and decided to take on the half marathon challenge this year. Once I had made the decision, it was obvious to me that it was a chance to raise some money for FPS as the Pond is another big part of Fleet that I’ve enjoyed over those years. When I was younger, I volunteered at the Pond. Both my mum and brother have raised money through charity events for FPS, so it seemed a good incentive to encourage me to get out and run. I’m fairly active, riding horses mostly, and am aiming to get round my first half marathon and raise some funds for FPS.”

See: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/laurensaxby


Immie Sutherland (above) writes: “Fleet Pond has always been very special to me as a place to walk, play, run, bird-watch and volunteer over the years. I’m really excited to have this opportunity to run and fundraise for Fleet Pond Society and give something back to a place that is so valuable to Fleet and the surrounding area. This will be my third Fleet Half Marathon, but this year will be a little different because I’ll be running dressed as a swan. My training currently consists of sessions in a nicely warm gym, but as we move into February you’ll spot me running around Fleet and racing the Bramley 10 as a warm-up.”

See: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/imogensutherland1


James Wicks (above) writes: “This year I will be running the Fleet Half Marathon dressed as a swan! I am running to raise money for the Fleet Pond Society as it is a cause close to the hearts of my parents-in-law, Nick and Margaret Keeley. They live close to Fleet Pond and are regular walkers with their dog, Dylan. Nick is on the Society’s Committee and volunteers a lot of his time to the Fleet Pond Society. He has just stepped down as Treasurer after many years. I am now half way through my training which hasn’t been easy, particularly after the new arrival of our first child Erin who is just 15 weeks old. If you would like to sponsor me and help raise much needed funds for the Fleet Pond Society to continue its great work I would be ever so grateful!”

See: http://www.virginmoneygiving.com/jameswicks

Shane England is the Society’s new Treasurer and writes: “I have just started the training for the run taking all the rest days last month. I have lived in Fleet for the past 20 years and currently am the Finance Manager at Old Thorns Golf Hotel and Country Estate in Liphook. Married for 35 years with no kids and at a tender age of 59 and a bit. I last ran any distance in the 2005 Fleet Half Marathon so this is going to be a shock to my system.”

Good luck to them all 🙂

We wish them all well on the day and hope that you will support this fantastic five by making a donation to their sites in aid of FPS. Just sponsor one of our runners and it will make a big difference. Members of the FPS Committee will be acting as Marshalls during the event as well as manning a stall at the finish line. Do pop along and see us if you’d like to find out more about the Society and what we do.”

Fleet Half Marathon Supports Fleet Pond

December 10, 2016

YouTube Video of Fleet Half Marathon 2016 (from MikeSpectrum)

David Pottinger writes:

The famous Brooks Fleet Pre-London Half Marathon will take place on Sunday 19th March 2017, starting at 10:30.

Why not put watching this event into your diary, it’s very impressive and has a great atmosphere!

Full details can be found on their website here, which advertises Fleet Pond Society (FPS) as the nominated local charity for 2017:

New for 2017:
  • Revised course – faster, flatter final 2 miles
  • New local charity – Fleet Pond Society – helping to support the natural environment in Fleet. Run for them and make a difference.
  • Brooks event t-shirt available to buy when you enter the race.
  • Medal, re-useable kitbag and other gift for all finishers.
  • More toilets within the park following runner feedback.
  • New race partner ‘Everyone Active’ the management company of the new Hart Leisure Centre opening March 2017.

 Five runners have already volunteered to run for FPS:

  • Dan Franklin
  • Imogen Sutherland
  • Lauren Saxby
  • Shane England
  • James Wicks

and we all wish them well in their preparations for the demanding event next year.

We also have 5 free places left – why not run for Fleet Pond? If you are interested please drop a line to our Chairman, Colin Gray at chairman@fleetpond.org.uk or phone 01252 616183.

We will publish further details nearer the time, including relevant charity giving pages.

FPS will be providing several stewards for the race and will also have a gazebo at the finish at Calthorpe Park Race Village. Please call by on the day if you’d like some information on how FPS benefits the local community.

FPS have been involved with this event previously. In 2015, two runners from Mackenzie Smith Estate Agency, Roxanne Lewington and Tara Skinner, raised £559 for the Pond by participating in the Half Marathon, see here and picture below.

2015-04-08_Certificate 2

From L to R: Colin Gray of FPS with Roxanne Lewington, Tara Skinner and Graham Tufnell of Mackenzie Smith

News and Activities at Fleet Pond (Update 1)

November 16, 2016


A screenshot of the current home page of the FPS web site

David Pottinger writes:

Different people like getting their information in different ways. At Fleet Pond Society we have set up a variety of ways which hopefully cater for most tastes and which give a wide selection of snippets, photos and articles.

Here they are and as a comparison I also give the numbers (which can vary daily of course) from a similar post I wrote in April this year:

In addition, FPS regularly submits articles for publication in local newspapers, such as Surrey Hants Star Courier and Fleet News & Mail.

Happy reading 🙂


Fleet Lions and Fleet Pond

October 29, 2016

2014-04-18_05 Lions View Opening

The impressive Lions’ View at Fleet Pond was opened in April 2014 (see here)

Jim Storey, Fleet Lion and also a Committee Member of FPS, writes:

“Fleet Lions have been involved with the Pond for many years. And let’s not forget the help that the ‘Pondies’ give to running the Lions Beer Festival and Fireworks Fiesta – it works both ways.

The ladies from Hart Lions have been involved too, as well as the younger members of the Leos Club. They installed the original benches at the picnic area and Sandy Bay as well as doing more basic jobs like stream bank maintenance, dog steps and scrub clearance. They love setting fire to things!

However they also built the Kenilworth Road viewpoint and have given a few donations over the years too. The biggest of which was to fund Lions View and was the biggest donation that Fleet Lions have ever given to anyone.

2014-04-04_01 sm

The Lions’ View during construction

This year is a special one for Fleet Lions because they and all the other Lions around the world are celebrating the first Lions Club being set up in Chicago a hundred years ago. There are now nearly a million and a half Lions in the world. And there are 45,000 Clubs based in over 200 countries.

Fleet Lions provide help locally but they’re proud to be part of an international organisation that is helping to eliminate diseases and bring relief after disasters, like the recent ones in Haiti and Italy. So Fleet Pond Society has put a new plaque on Lions View to celebrate the achievement of Lions in Fleet and all around the world.

Just go to their website if you want to find out more or are thinking of joining : http://www.fleetlions.org.uk.”

Here are some additional photos:


Jim Storey at Fleet Carnival 2014 – scary or what?

2016-07-18_Murals 3

Lions’ View mentioned in the spectacular artistic murals at Fleet Station

Melvyn Jones Award 2015

Colin Gray (far right), Chairman of FPS, awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship by Fleet Lions

FPS, Rio and Fleet Carnival 2016

July 24, 2016

Carnival 2016 6

A good shot of the FPS Rio float travelling along Fleet Road (click to enlarge)

David Pottinger writes:

Fleet Pond Society (FPS) is well-known for the activities it carries out at the Pond and major projects include the Lions’ View platform and the new pond dipping jetty.

However FPS interacts with the local community in many other ways, including giving talks and presentations to increase awareness, and also participating in the famous Fleet Carnival.

Each year ideas are discussed by the FPS Committee and a team and approach are chosen. Then all the hard work starts in actually bringing the ideas to life!

From the Carnival web site:

This years Carnival theme is Rio.

The ideas for floats are endless, you can choose to base your entry on the Olympics as a whole, or one of the 42 sports that will be featured or the Rio Carnival.  The choice is yours!

Here are some photos from the FPS entry (special thanks to Terry Austin and Mandy Saxby for the float design and costumes respectively):

Carnival 2016 2s

Some of the FPS team at the start of the procession

Carnival 2016 7s

Introducing the very athletic Meercat members of the team…

Carnival 2016 3

Michelle Salter, FPS Secretary, just about visible under the hat!

Carnival 2016 8s

Another shot of the colourful FPS float

Carnival 2016 5s

FPS Chairman, Colin Gray, in South American mode!