Volunteer Event This Sunday, 13 September

There will be a volunteer event at Fleet Pond this coming Sunday and all are welcome (see below for registering).

Colin Gray, Chairman of Fleet Pond Society, writes:

“Ranger Rachel plans to ensure you all get muddy this Sunday by taking you out into Wellington Reedbed (the one closest to Wellington Road). There will be reed cutting and clearing and scrub cutting to do. Please assemble as usual at the Countryside Workshop, Old Pump House Close, GU51 3DN, at 9.00 a.m.

I recommend wellington boots or waterproof boots for this task. Some sections of the reedbed are firm but there are plenty of squashy areas and some where a boot can go right through the reed mat into very muddy water. As usual a warm drink will be available mid-morning but bring water if you feel you might need a cool drink.

Remember there is very limited parking at the workshop so please park in Kenilworth Road.”

For further information and booking (which is essential as tools and resources have to be planned beforehand), please contact Hart Countryside Services:

Phone: 01252 623443
Email: countryside@hart.gov.uk

The Sunday volunteer tasks are supervised by a Hart Countryside Ranger together with members of Fleet Pond Society.

Details of the programme from September 2015 to March 2016 can be found here.


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