Dimension Data At Clearwater Island

2014-09-05 Diemnsion 2

Getting to the island

Colin Gray writes:

In late August, four very hard working volunteers from Dimension Data, led by Julie, were helping us remove a large invasion of weeds from Clearwater Island to expose the gravel for next year’s gulls and terns to nest on. A vast amount of weed was removed and is now in two huge piles to be burned at a later date when dry.

We were impressed at the amount of work they achieved in just 3.5 hours; in fact we had trouble persuading them to stop work and leave the island when Rachel and the LSW volunteers had commitments elsewhere in the afternoon. I think it was only the threat to leave them there without a boat and come back around 5 p.m. that decided them to leave!

2014-09-05 Dimension 1

The Dimension Data team taking a well-earned break

Ed. Dimension Data is a Corporate Member of Fleet Pond Society (FPS) and volunteers have helped out at the Pond over a number of years which has been greatly appreciated.

In addition, staff members have also raised funds for FPS through various challenges (see Three Peaks and Refresh Fleet Pond). Some reminder photos are given below:

Mike Ollington at Fleet Pond

Mike Ollington at Fleet Pond

Rob Johnson & dog

Rob Johnson & dog

Linda Biggins & Julia Eyles

Linda Biggins & Julia Eyles


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