Fleet And District Carnival, 1st – 6th July 2014

June 29, 2014

fleet carnival 2014

Fleet Pond Society (FPS) will be entering a float in the Carnival Procession¬†that takes place on Saturday 5th July 2014 – please keep an eye out for it ūüôā

Full details of this year’s Carnival can be found here, which also includes a schedule of events:

  • Baby Sale
  • Baby Show
  • Car Show
  • Prince & Princess
  • Craft Show
  • Dog Show
  • Procession
  • Strictly Carnival
  • Bike Show
  • Carnival Kidszone

Some shots involving FPS from the Carnival Procession in previous years:

Colin Gray Carnival 2013

Carnival 2013 - Crew and the Black Swan

The above two shots are from 2013

2011 Carnival FPS 02

From 2011


Impressive New Views Of The Pond

June 27, 2014

2014-06-21_Car Park 1

The second storey of the new car park at Fleet Station is now open (see above in the background, painted green) and you can get some impressive views of the Pond from there. Here are some example shots. The next time you park there, it’s worth taking a stroll to appreciate the different scenes.

2014-06-21_Car park 2

The dipping platform is in the foreground right

2014-06-21_Car Park 3

2014-06-21_Car Park 4

 The aquatic nursery can be seen in this shot

2014-06-21_Car Park 5

 The islands can be clearly seen in the distance

2014-06-21_Car Park 6

A fishing jetty is in the foreground

Photo credits: David Pottinger

Woodpecker Checkup

June 24, 2014

Woodpecker June 2014

Here’s a good shot of a green woodpecker that has been caught as part of the bird ringing activity at Fleet Pond.

Martin, from the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), is carrying out valuable work recording the bird-life in the Nature Reserve as part of the ongoing Constant Effort Sites Scheme (CES).

See here for more details.

Eagle At The Pond

June 22, 2014

eagle radio fleet pond

Jim Storey (left) and Rachel Jones (centre) being interviewed by Eagle Radio

Rachel Jones of Hart Countryside Services and Jim Storey of Fleet Pond Society did interviews with 96.4 Eagle Radio last Friday that will be used in their broadcasts during the ‚ÄėLove Tour 2014‘ of Surrey and N Hants.

The tour visits a different town every day for two weeks, starting in Guildford on Monday 23 June. It will be broadcasting from Fleet on Thursday 3rd July, 6 am – 8 pm at the Civic Offices. If you’re around then, why not drop in?

Picture credit here.

Volunteer Event This Sunday – 8 June 2014

June 5, 2014

Following on from the very popular Sunday volunteer event in May, the next one is this coming Sunday, 8 June.

Colin Gray writes:

“The task for Sunday is further erosion repairs to the Gelvert Stream banks as for the May task (see picture below). Please ensure you have wellies with you if you want to be the volunteer(s) dabbling in the stream.”

For further information and booking (which is essential as the tools and resources needed have to be planned beforehand), please contact Hart Countryside Services ‚Äď details¬†here.

2014-05-11_Sunday Task

The Eye-Catching Benches At Sandy Bay

June 5, 2014

2014-05-16 SB Seat 1

David Pottinger writes:

Here’s a couple of photos of the two carved benches installed in May at Sandy Bay. If you’ve previously not spotted them, keep a look out for them in your walks around the Pond or, better still, try them out!

They were created by chainsaw carving by the same person that created the popular totem pole plus heron carving at the picnic area. For another impressive example, see also the dragonfly on display by the carver at the recent Wildlife Day at Fleet Pond.

2014-05-16 SB Seat 2

Photo credits: David Pottinger

Photos From Fleet Pond Wildlife Day 2014

June 1, 2014

2014-05-31_WD Rescue Hedgehog 2

An albino hedgehog cared for by Hart Wildlife Rescue (see also below)

David Pottinger writes:

Here are a selection of photos taken at the very popular Wildlife Day held at Fleet Pond yesterday plus some brief explanatory captions. Click each picture for a larger version. These and additional photos taken on the day may also be found on the Fleet Pond Society (FPS) Group site on Flickr.

2014-05-31_WD Dipping 3

 Pond dipping at the platform installed last year by FPS (see also here)

2014-05-31_WD Dipping 4

 Pond dipping nearby the platform (seeing what the nets bring up and identifying the results)

2014-05-31_WD FPS Stand

 The FPS stand, supplying information and advice to the public

2014-05-31_WD Bird Box 2

 Making bird boxes was very popular

2014-05-31_WD Fish Measuring 2

 Measuring fish caught earlier in the day by the EA

2014-05-31_WD Fish Small Perch

 All sizes of fish are in the Pond Рhere are some extremely small perch

2014-05-31_WD Fish Tank 2

 And here are some much larger fish Рa very impressive collection!

2014-05-31_WD Investigating The Pond

 EA and FPS members going to investigate the aquatic nursery

2014-05-31_WD Odiham Scouts

 The very popular refreshment stand manned by the Odiham Scouts (who also help out on our conservation activities as well)

2014-05-31_WD Parade of Stands

 The parade of stalls at the Wildlife Day

2014-05-31_WD Carving Dragonfly

 Chainsaw woodcarving Рan impressive dragonfly (see also here)

2014-05-31_WD Rescue Hedgehog 1

Introducing the albino hedgehog to the chainsaw carver (see also above top)

Photo credits: David Pottinger