EA Volunteers At The Pond

EA 01-11-13 End of Day

The EA Team

On Friday November 1st, a team from EA took part in a volunteer event at at Fleet Pond. They were accompanied by Hart Countryside Rangers Will and Rachel, together with some of the FPS LOSW crew; Geoff, Nick and Terry.

The photos below give a good flavour of the day. As you can imagine, a lot got done – very satisfying for all concerned! We’re very grateful for all the hard work that the EA team put in.

As part of the day, Terry Austin gave a walk-and-talk on the fascinating history of Fleet Pond (there’s more to it than you might think). Fleet Pond Society (FPS) have produced an attractive booklet on this topic, with impressive artwork from a local freelance illustrator, Andy Johnson. This booklet is available as a free pdf download here. Why not take a read?

EA 01-11-13 Fire

Getting a roaring fire going

EA 01-11-13 Dry Heath

Clearing the birch off the heath at Fleet Pond. Ranger Will did a great job treating any cut stumps.

EA 01-11-13 Tea

Time for a well-earned cup of tea and chat!


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