Butterflies At The Pond – 2013


A Spectacular Picture of a Holly Blue (credit below)

Peter Martin writes:

“During the really cold month of March, when bitter easterly winds were coming all the way from Scandinavia to the UK, I only saw one butterfly. On 5th March, the temperature surprisingly hit 62 degrees F and I saw my first yellow Brimstone. It was not until 14th April that I saw four more and since then I have seen a Comma, a Peacock and two Holly Blues.

Concern has been raised about the likely disastrous effect of the wet 2012 on the abilities of many butterflies to mate and lay eggs last year, so we may not see so many this year. Keep your eyes peeled as you go around Fleet Pond and look on the blog to see what butterflies you might expect to see each month.”

Peter has written a fascinating series of posts on butterflies that you can see at the pond over the various months (mentioned above):

April: The Brimstone

May: The Orange Tip

June: The Small Heath

July: The Small Tortoiseshell

August: The Gatekeeper

September: The Red Admiral

You may also be interested in another article of Peter’s that describes good spots for seeing different butterfly species around the nature reserve – see here.

Further information and many good pictures of butterflies in the UK can be found here.

Picture credit: here.


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