Birds Seen At Fleet Pond (1970 To 2012)

January 21, 2013

Fleet Pond Birds 70-12

Example: Page 1 Of The Bird Checklist

David Pottinger writes:

William Legge of Hampshire Ornithological Society (HOS) has kindly prepared a (very impressive) checklist of birds that have been seen at Fleet Pond during the period 1970 – 2012.

The survey covers a very long period of time and unfortunately many of the species have not been seen in recent years. However it is hoped that our exciting pond restoration work will bring some of these back!

The full document can be downloaded here.

Information on a recent bird walk at Fleet Pond, lead by Peter Hutchins of RSPB (Basingstoke), can be found here.


First Snow Of The Year – 2013

January 16, 2013


David Pottinger writes:

I was surprised to see a thin veil of snow on Monday morning, so I took the opportunity of taking a few photos around the pond (click to enlarge).


Someone Was Interested!


Work Carries On

Finally, on the way back, I was surprised and delighted to spot a heron calmly perching just a few feet from the path!


Heron On The Lake

If you have any photos taken at Fleet Pond that you’d like to share, please note that we have a Flickr Group set up for this:

All submissions very welcome! See the top rhs of this blog for the most recent entries.

Photo credits: David Pottinger

Sunday Volunteer Task – 13 January 2013

January 11, 2013

Colin Gray writes:

“We will have a change of site this Sunday. The work will be some birch scrub cutting and/or digging out on the Dry Heath not far from the nature reserve car park. Weather permitting we will have a good bonfire and I have a few potatoes to bake.”

The weather forecast is a bit chilly for this Sunday so please come warmly dressed.

Details of meeting arrangements and related information can be found here, including the programme schedule up to June 2013.

FPS Conservation Sundays – Why Not Come Along?

January 11, 2013

Cathy Holden writes:

Volunteers are always welcome to join our monthly Sunday working parties at the Pond.

We assemble at the Countryside Workshop, Old Pump House Close, (off Kenilworth Road) Fleet, around 9.00am to start work at 9.15 am

Tasks usually stop around 1.30pm but we can continue after lunch if enough volunteers decide to stay.

Please ensure you wear warm, old clothing which is likely to become wet and muddy. Take care when walking over the soils as there can be hidden stumps and deep holes in the marsh.

Our tools are very sharp so use great care when carrying and using them. Please do not hang bowsaws on stumps or trees where a passing volunteer can walk into them. Training and correct use of tools is always given before a task is started. It is important that when using tools youngsters under twelve are supervised by an adult. We ask parents to accompany the under 12s to all working sessions please.

We supply a warm drink and the famous delicious homebaked energy-cakes mid-morning. All tools are supplied and we have a stock of wellington boots and protective gloves if you do not have your own.

For more information please contact Task Co-ordinator Colin Gray as follows:

Colin Gray, 14 Kenilworth Road, Fleet, Hampshire GU51 3DA Tel: 01252 616183

Here is the schedule for January – June 2013 (click to enlarge).

Volunteering 2013Click To Enlarge

A Pictorial Review Of 2012

January 8, 2013

David Pottinger writes:

Here’s a selection of photos from the blog that were published in 2012. There were many good ones, the choice wasn’t easy!

It gives an overview of some of the the many activities, carried out in close collaboration with Hart Countryside Services, that Fleet Pond Society are active in. As you can see, it’s not all hard work, there’s fun too!

If you’d like to support our voluntary activities, please consider becoming a member – we’re always keen on new ones. Joining information is here.

The lighthearted title of each picture links to the original post. Enjoy 🙂


Making History (January)

Councillor John Kennett names Mandy Saxby Volunteer of the Year

Councillor John Kennett names Mandy Saxby Volunteer of the Year

A Winning Smile (February)

Kevin North 2011

How To Surprise A Squirrel (February)


Something Strange in The Pond (March)


Jubilant Scouts And Guides (March)


The Boat And Her Crew (June)


A Close Shave For The Pond (June)


Look What I’ve Found (July)


Cycling To Work Via The Scenic Route (July)


It’s All Gone Up In Smoke! (November)


Tern For The Good (December)

Final Reminder For The Photo Competition!

January 4, 2013

David Pottinger writes:

The deadline for the FPS Photographic Competition for 2012 is tomorrow, Saturday 5 January and the theme is

“All Things Great & Small”

So if you have some time tomorrow for a walk round the pond, why not take your camera with you in case you get inspired or simply spot something unusual and interesting?

Alternatively, maybe you could review the photos you’ve already taken at the pond to find some that fit the bill?

The competition is open to FPS members and non-members and there is no entry fee.

Details for entering the competition are here and, if you’d like to see previous winning entries (with different themes), take a look here and here.

Best of luck!