She Did It…Well Done, Mandy!

June 26, 2011

Mandy Saxby and Colin Gray

Michelle Salter writes:

A tired, but surprisingly cheerful, Mandy Saxby, completed her gruelling 24-hour challenge in glorious sunshine and rising temperatures.

With a dramatic change in weather conditions since Friday evening, Mandy has faced rain, cold, heat and scorching sunshine – not to mention vampiric insects!

Mandy was greeted by a noisy reception committee as she slowly completed her last lap of the pond and emerged into sunshine at Chestnut Grove jetty, just after 7.30pm yesterday evening – so she actually did nearly 24 hours and five minutes! 🙂

Fleet Pond Society Chairman, Colin Gray, was on hand to present Mandy with a certificate of appreciation for her commitment to raising funds for the Clearwater Campaign.

Mandy, still clutching a collecting tin, thanked everyone who had supported her with online donations and those who gave money direclty to her as she walked.

There is still time to donate online at:

Mandy is greeted by cheering supporters!


And She’s Off! Amazing Mandy’s Mission Begins…

June 24, 2011

Colin Gray, Cathy Holden and Mandy Saxby

Michelle Salter writes:

Amazing Mandy began her 24-hour challenge at 7.30pm this evening, with Fleet Pond Society members, led by Chairman Colin Gray, cheering her on her way.

Adjudicator, Cathy Holden, was there to monitor proceedings and to ensure Mandy’s walk started promptly at 7.30pm.

I walked with Mandy for the first two hours and despite light rain, we managed to stay relatively dry and warm. But as night fell, bats flew around our heads, the temperature dropped and the rain became a little heavier.

Mandy will have company throughout the 24 hours, with a changeover of walking companions every two hours.

This is an extremely gruelling challenge, not helped by the current wet weather, so I do hope you will support Mandy by sponsoring her online at:

Mandy sets off!

Good luck, Mandy!

Only 48 Hours To Go…

June 22, 2011

Mandy Saxby

… before Mandy begins the 24 Hours of Le Pond challenge.

I took some photos of Mandy in training today – as we dodged the downpours!

Keep your fingers crossed for good weather from 7.30pm on Friday until 7.30 on Saturday evening, as Mandy spends 24 hours walking around Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.

If you see Mandy on her heroic 24 hour trek, please feel free to offer words of encouragement, or even better, money!!! 🙂

Mandy, or one of her walking companions, is sure to have a collection tin handy.

Donations can also be made online at:

Supporting the Clearwater Campaign

All the money raised from Mandy’s Mission will go towards the Clearwater Campaign to save our Pond.

Please take a look at Chris Packham’s short video, explaining why Fleet needs to save its Pond.

Finally… all the best Mandy! You can do it!

A Very Successful Garden Party – Even The Sun Came!

June 21, 2011

This year’s FPS Garden Party was a big success and many thanks are due to all who came, who helped and who contributed 🙂

Fortunately the weather was excellent and here are some photos from the day:

Getting The Entrance Gate Ready

Getting A Stall Prepared – A Lot Of Work!

Enthusiasm Is Always A Good Thing!

Smiling Faces At The Plant Stall

Everyone Enjoying The Tea And Cakes

Fish From The Pond On Display

Bees As Well

Now, That Really Does Look Tempting

Picking The Raffle Winner

Picture credits: top poster (Cathy Holden), top five photos (Jim Storey), bottom four photos (Michelle Salter).

Other photos from the day are available here.

The Countdown Begins…

June 20, 2011

Mandy’s Mission – 24 Hours Of Le Pond is this Friday!

Please support Mandy in her gruelling challenge of spending 24 hours walking around Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.

Donations can be made online at:

‘Rangers Ramble’ At Fleet Pond – Saturday 18 June

June 14, 2011

Garden Party This Weekend – Why Not Give It A Try?

June 8, 2011