Dog Warden Service And Fleet Pond

December 30, 2010

For information:

Fleet Pond welcomes responsible dog owners and their dogs.  We hope you will continue to enjoy the nature reserve and its wildlife.

Sadly there is a minority who seem unwilling to accept that a dog can be a serious threat to the wildlife on a nature reserve and who will allow their pet to chase or harass ducks, swans and the deer.  Others fail to remove dog mess or leave it lying about in plastic bags.  The latter can be worse than not bagging it as someone else has to remove it.

If you should witness irresponsible behaviour by a dog owner, please report this to Hart District Council’s Dog Warden Service.  Try to make a note of the breed of dog and a description of the owner.

The Dog Warden Service contact details are as follows:

Monday – Friday

0830-1630 hours (during office hours)

1700-0100 hours (Out of Hours) – collection of stray dogs

The Dog Warden administration telephone number is 01252 774421

Weekends and Public Holidays

0900-0100 hours (Out of Hours) – collection of stray dogs

If you are reporting a stray dog outside of office hours please call 0845 677 0678

Dangerous or Aggressive Dogs:

Should you have concerns or a complaint regarding a dangerous dog, or if you have been harmed by a dog call the police; if your dog has been attacked by another dog, report the incident to the Council’s Dog Warden.

The web link to the Hart Dog Warden service is here.


Season’s Greetings To All Our Readers

December 26, 2010

Picture credit: David Pottinger

Follow Fleet Pond On Twitter

December 21, 2010

If you have an account with Twitter, be sure to tweet anything interesting you see or notice at the pond to FleetPondSoc (sample screenshot above).

You can include photos by using eg TwitPic.

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter and are keen to contribute and share messages this way, then there’s a concise intro to the subject here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Volunteer Event 12 December – Holly Day!

December 21, 2010

Baking Potatoes Ready To Go (Or Not As It Happened!)

The aim of this Sunday’s task was to clear the dense holly cover in the woodland between Gelvert Glade and Fugelmere Marsh. This makes way for sunlight to the woodland floor, encouraging plant diversity. The task also contributes to the objective of introducing grazing animals to this area next season.

It was hoped that we’d be able to have potatoes baked in the fire at the end but this unfortunately wasn’t to be! It took quite a while to get the fire going well (as all the material to be burnt was thoroughly soaked through) and even by 11 the fire wasn’t hot enough. However, weather allowing, we hope to have another attempt at this at the next meeting in January!

Starting The Fire…

The Half-Time Break Included Lots of Festive Treats…

Getting the Fire Really Going, Helped by Some Enthusiastic Pokes!

With All the Holly Removed – Quite an Enormous Difference!

Stay Safe And Stay Off The Ice At Fleet Pond

December 21, 2010

From Eagle Radio today:

Hampshire’s park rangers are warning people to stay safe, and stay off frozen lakes.

There is no way to tell how thick the ice is on Fleet Pond, but there are reports people are taking to the lake anyway and skating during these freezing conditions.

Carl Westby is the Leisure Manager at Hart District Council. Speaking to Eagle Radio, he said there was a real danger skaters could fall through the ice, adding; “the temperature has risen to above freezing today and that means the ice on the pond will inevitable thaw. It’ll certainly thin and continue to thin […] we’re desperate for people to stay off the lake itself.”

There won’t be any park rangers working over the Christmas period and there are no public telephones there, so the worry is people could get in trouble in the freezing cold water and not get the help they need.

Volunteer Event This Sunday – 12 December

December 10, 2010

Colin Gray writes:

“Our task for Sunday 12th December will be to tackle the dense holly cover in the woodland between Gelvert Glade and Fugelmere Marsh. This replaces the planned marsh work because high water levels and low water temperatures would make work in the marshes very unpleasant. Holly creates a dense cover at the expense of woodland flowering plants so this work will help improve woodland plant diversity.

As this will be our last task before Christmas we hope to have a good fire and some more festive fare for the volunteers. Rain permitting we might even have a few potatoes to bake in the fire!”

Further information on the schedule and meeting arrangements here.

Volunteer Event 7 November – Bonfires!

December 7, 2010

There was a lot of cut material left over from the last two work parties and, in preparation for the volunteer event,  it had been moved up to the woodland by the reserve car park during the week.

As part of the task on Sunday, two bonfires were set up to clear this material, which was rather appropriate as it was Guy Fawkes weekend!

A Family Hard At Work!

In addition there was clearance of the birch seedlings and saplings from the open heath (photo above).

Relaxing By The Fire At The End Of The Task

Next time we’ll bring potatoes along to bake in the fire – someone even suggested cooking bananas!

The next event will be on Sunday 12 December – all volunteers are welcome! See here for details.