Volunteer Event 13th September – Muddy Marshes

Tea break

Tea break

Michelle Salter writes:

After a break in July and August, we started off the new season of conservation volunteer events in muddy style by heading over to Fugelmere Marsh to remove regenerating scrub and saplings.

Accessing the marsh is fairly precarious – tread carefully or you can find yourself sinking into its boggy depths. Armed with saws and loppers, we made our way to the centre of the marsh and cleared a wide area of invasive scrub. We also removed some trees from the woodland edge to enhance the wetland habitat.

Rustic bench

Rustic bench

This is a typical task for the volunteers at this time of year, and over the next couple of months you can expect to find us at Fugelmere, Gelvert or North East Marsh. Wellies are a necessity (the Society has a plentiful supply if you feel like  joining us) and should water levels become too high we switch to other jobs, such as clearing birch from the Dry Heath or bamboo from Brookly Wood.

Photo credits: Michelle Salter


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