Come And See The Rare Breed Cattle At Fleet Pond!

Lynx, Lego and Lucas

Lynx, Lego and Lucas

Vicki Jull writes:

Welcome back to our rare breed cattle at Fleet Pond, they are Irish Moileds and Belted Galloways and are kindly on loan from Miller’s Ark Animals.

Lynx, Lego and Lucas are three young bullocks who are now resident at Wood Lane Heath for the summer.  No frolicking romantic couple like last year’s Murray and Jessie!

Alexandra & Hyacinth

Alexandra and Hyacinth

Alexandra and Hyacinth are doing a sterling job in Coldstream Marsh, eating the scrub and young tree growth.  This means that the view to the pond will be maintained and will save hours of labour in keeping the undergrowth down in the Marsh.  Hopefully they will stay away from any rare wild flowers that may pop their heads up after the scrap last year.

Please do not feed the cattle, although they are not nearly as demanding or plaintive as the ponies were!  The grazing scheme has been a great success over the past few years and it is always a joy to see our summer visitors.

Update: The cattle left Fleet Pond in mid-September to return to their owners.

Picture credits: Joanna Lawrence (top) and Vicki Jull (bottom).


3 Responses to Come And See The Rare Breed Cattle At Fleet Pond!

  1. Teresa DiMeola says:

    I was wondering if I might get permission from the photographer to paint a painting from her photo of Lynx, Lego and Lucas?

    Thanks you,
    Teresa DiMeola

    • David Pottinger says:

      Hi Teresa

      I’ll look into this and get back to you very shortly.

      Many thanks for the interest!

      David Pottinger

    • David Pottinger says:

      Hi Teresa

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but the person who took the photo is no longer our pond ranger and it took a bit of time to get in contact.

      I’m happy to confirm that we’d all be delighted if you decide to paint a picture of Lynx, Lego and Lucas. We’d also be very interested in hearing how your painting proceeds. I’ll send you an email directly on this.

      Many thanks for the interest in Fleet Pond

      David Pottinger (Blog Editor)

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