June Wildflower Watch – Yellow Flag Iris, Honeysuckle and Yellow Water-lily

Yellow Flag Iris at Boathouse Corner

Yellow Flag Iris at Boathouse Corner

Michelle Salter writes:

The tall, bright flowers of Yellow Flag iris can be seen throughout the reedbeds and marsh areas surrounding the pond, particularly alongside the path between the station and Boathouse Corner. The large vivid yellow, purple-veined flowers are thought to be the true source of the heraldic Fleur-de-lis emblem rather than the lily. The stylised three-petal emblem has been used for centuries throughout Europe, adorning coats of arms, flags and postage stamps.

Wild honeysuckle in woodland

Wild honeysuckle in woodland

Woodland around the pond is buzzing with bees enjoying the plentiful supply of honeysuckle. Flowers can last from June through to September, providing nectar for a variety of butterflies and moths. Honeysuckle is great for wildlife as warblers and thrushes eat the berries, and both birds and dormice use the peeling bark from its stems to build nests.

Yellow Water-lilies in the Flash

Yellow Water-lilies in the Flash

Yellow water-lily currently decorates the Flash, the small pool of water by the steps to the station car park. Found in standing or slow-flowing water, the flowers of yellow water-lily produce a strong scent of stale alcohol which attracts pollinating flies.

Photo credits: Michelle Salter


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