February Volunteer Event – Snowy But Bright!


Picture: Just About To Set Off

There was a very good turnout for the event on the 8th February, including a contingent from Fleet Lions. There was still some snow around but it was nevertheless a bright and relatively warm day (believe it or not!). As you can see, a wide variety of interesting hats were on display…


Picture: Signing In!

When we arrive at event sites we all sign in (see above). This gives us a record of who attended plus contact numbers, addresses etc. For those who leave an email address, a message is sent out prior to each event giving further information on it’s purpose as well as it’s detailed location. This gives volunteers an insight into the bigger picture and also allows feedback to the team leader.


Picture: The Fire At The End Of The Event

The picture below was taken at the event. We’d be interested to hear what you think it is – please send us a comment (see below) if you have an idea!


Picture: Spotted On A Tree – What Do You Think It Is?


6 Responses to February Volunteer Event – Snowy But Bright!

  1. Weird Darren says:

    The yellow stuff is Yellow Brain Fungus, which I have photographed a few times round Fleet Pond and posted on my blog.

    I’ve also taken a photo of what I think is Purple Jelly Cap

    You may also like these posts while I am here

    And before I forget if you read the February issue of CountryFile magazine Fleet Pond gets a mention in the Rural Retreats column they run. Thats me in the picture.

  2. Weird Darren says:

    well I left a response, which never got put up. I identified the fungi, and also gave you links to some very good photos of mine taken at Fleet Pond.
    But hey of you don’t want to use them fine. Thats the way to encourage folks to come back here and to support you.

    • David Pottinger says:

      Sorry, but we’ve not received any recent comments from you (there are none on the system) and we’d be delighted to hear them. Could you please repost (there was presumably a hitch somewhere)? Your comment from October on a similar topic was received and posted. We’re really grateful for all comments!

  3. Weird Darren says:

    nope once more the comment I typed with links has disappeared. Try checking your spam in wordpress to see if it is hiding it there.

    • David Pottinger says:

      You’re right – it was in the spam! Apologies for not noticing it earlier. I’ve put your original post up and thanks for being persistent and helpful 🙂 I think I’ll more regularly take a look at the spam from now on, it seems it’s rules are a little erratic.

  4. Stephen Daedalus says:

    That looks far more like partly oxidized sap.

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