Bat Walk This Week!

This guided walk will take place on Wednesday 10 September. Meet at Fleet Station pay & display car park next to the Reserve at 7.30pm.

Further details on the walk can be found on a previous post and information on bats, among many other places, can be found at The Bat Conservation Trust.


8 Responses to Bat Walk This Week!

  1. […] evening I went back to Fleet Pond so that I could go on the Bat Walk at Fleet Pond that was advertised. I hadn’t been on one of these before so was rather keen to go on this […]

  2. Aaron Gee says:

    Will there be another Night Bat Walk at the Pond this year ?

  3. Joanna says:

    We will be having another Bat Walk at Fleet Pond on Thusday 17th September at 7pm. Hart Countryside Service will be publishing our guided walks programme for 2009 in the next few weeks with lots of walks for all kinds of wildlife interests.

  4. Aaron Gee says:

    Joanna, has the quided walks programme been published yet ?

  5. Joanna says:

    Hi Aaron, yes our guided walks leaflet has been published. They can be picked up from The Harlington Centre, Reception at the Civic Offices or from Hart Leisure Centre. Or the brochure can be downloaded from the Guided Walks page on our website;

  6. Aaron Gee says:

    Thanks Joanna , I will have a look on the website,are you one of the wardens at Fleet Pond I have spoken to on a few occasions ?

  7. Joanna says:

    Hi Aaron, I am the Countryside Ranger for Hart District Council

  8. Aaron Gee says:

    I thought it was the same person I have chatted to a fwe times !! Im the driving instructor with the camera ,who has stopped and chatted to yourself and Tim on a few occasions,I see you are doing a walk around the pond Jo,I might come along .

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